Brethren, My Heart’s Desire

On, this day, 15 years ago, the United States of America was attacked. In that attack thousands of people lost their lives as wicked individuals high jacked four commercial airplanes. Two of those airplanes were flown into the “Twin Towers” of New York City; one was flown into the Pentagon in Washington, DC; the fourth never hit its intended target because of the courage of those onboard who were successful in overpowering the terrorists. If you are at least 25 years old than you probably can recall where you were at on that day when you heard the news of what was happening. It was a Tuesday morning and I had just arrived here at the church. I walked into Pastor Scott’s office just as he was turning on a TV in order to watch the news. It was only moments later when we both saw the second plane crash into World Trade Center South Tower. On that day thousands of individuals lost their lives. Some – including hundreds of firefighters and other first responders – lost their lives trying to save others. As individuals were running away from danger these first responders were running to that danger! Their desire was to save and rescue as many as they could. Since that day, our world – our country – has been spiraling out of control in the wrong direction. Now, 15 years later we are not only still at war with those from without our country but we are now facing battles from within. Most of us living within the United States understand that there is a problem but not many seem to be sure of what needs to be done. Many have asked the question, “What can we do to help our country;” “Is there anything that we can do to rescue America from itself;” Paul’s words here in Romans chapter 10 can give us the ability to answer that question at least in some measure.

In the midst of giving sound doctrine to the church in Rome, Paul, for a brief moment, allows some of his emotions to find their way into this letter has he stops and says,

“Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved.” Romans 10:1

Message preached on Sunday, September 11, 2016. Click here for Pastor Campbell’s sermon notes.

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