Christian Character: Honesty

There is a phrase that many people use that I extremely dislike. I’ve heard preachers use this phrase. I try not to use this phrase although I have caught myself saying it. When I do I typically will correct myself. There are a couple of different ways in which people say this phrase when they are beginning a conversation with someone else:

  • “Well, to be honest with you…”
  • “I’m just going to be honest with you…”

I don’t like that because it tends to imply that what the individual said before that was not honest!

And that is the character trait that we are going to begin looking at this evening; the character trait of “honesty.”

“Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men.” Romans 12:17

Message preached on Wednesday night, February 11, 2015. Click here for Pastor Campbell’s sermon notes.

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