Christ-Like Character: Decisiveness, Part 1

One of the most frustrating times, as a youth pastor on a road trip with teenagers, is when it is time to stop for lunch. Unfortunately, it took me a little while to figure this one out but once I did it saved me a lot of “pain and heartache.” Early on as a youth pastor I would make the announcement, “We’re getting ready to stop to eat. Where do you want to eat?” Well, when you have 2 dozen teens you get 2 dozen different answers! In my desire to make everyone happy I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen – someone had to make a decision. So, I soon developed the rule that I, as the youth pastor, did not ask everyone’s opinion, I simply chose where we would stop to eat lunch. Now, while that is a seemingly trivial matter, have you ever been in a situation and thought, “I’m just not sure what to do?” or “I’m just not sure what the right thing to do is?” That is where the Biblical character trait of decisiveness comes into play.

Message preached on Wednesday night, September 17, 2014. Click here for Pastor Campbell’s sermon notes.

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