The Principle of Enslavement

TrapFor a time, when I was a young teenager, my father and I ran some trap lines. We trapped mink, raccoons, muskrats, anything that had fur and whose skin would fetch a price. We would typically find the animals dens along the water’s edge of a creek or small body of water. We would find the entrance to their den and then place the trap just inside the entrance. However, we would place some sort of bait – usually a piece of fish – just inside the entrance before placing the trap. In that way, the animal would have to cross over the trap to get to the bait. The animal’s desire for that bait would many times cause him to disregard the sense of danger that he might otherwise have. In that way we were able to “trap” these animals. And, I can tell you this, whenever we were able to trap an animal, it always led to death.

Message preached on Sunday, September 18, 2016. Click here for Pastor Campbell’s sermon notes.

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