Psalm 119:1-18

The 119th Psalm is the longest chapter in all of Scripture. Its theme is the Word of God. One preacher from long ago said, “This Psalm shines and shows itself among the rest, a star in the firmament of the Psalms, of the first and greatest magnitude.” Another individual wrote, “This Psalm is a prolonged meditation upon the excellence of the word of God, upon its effects, and the strength and happiness which it gives to a man in every position.” Because its theme is singular – the Word of God – and because it is the longest, on the surface, Psalm 119 may seem simple and redundant and you may be tempted to say, with a little frustration, “David is just saying the same thing over and over again!” However, that would be an incorrect assessment of Psalm 119. It is only through careful study and meditation of Psalm 119 that you finally are able to realize the real depth of this Psalm.

With that, I am reminded of a question which I have asked on a number of occasions, “What are you doing with God’s Word?” Psalm 119 is David’s answer to the question!

Message preached on Wednesday, December 2, 2015. Click here for Pastor Campbell’s sermon notes.

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