Dare to Stay Clean, Part 5

On January 5, Panther’s coach, Ron Rivera and his wife woke up to the smell of smoke in their home. The blaze eventually caused $500,000 worth of damage to his $1.3 million home. Investigators recently revealed that they believe a missing baseplate and a hairline crack contributed to the cause of that fire. Millions of people bring fire into their homes every day. However, when safety features are missing and “cracks” develop, that fire poses great risk to those homes! In the same way, when we do not have the proper spiritual safety features in our lives and then allow spiritual cracks to develop, sin can enter and eventually destroy our lives, the lives of those around us, and destroy our effectiveness for God! Dare to stay clean!

Message preached on Sunday morning, February 8, 2015 in Pastor Campbell’s Sunday school class. Click here for Pastor Campbell’s notes.

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