Stewarding Our Resources

Biblical stewardship involves our relationship with God, the Creator & Sustainer of the universe, as He reveals Himself to us and our obedience to God’s commands as He desires to reveal Himself through us to the world.

Last time we took this definition of Biblical stewardship and wrapped it around the events found in Genesis chapter 24 when Abraham sought to find a bride for his son, Isaac.

This evening, I would like to begin to narrow our focus down to those areas – the resources -which we most typically think of when we think of “stewardship” and how they relate to section in our definition which states, “…and our obedience to God’s commands.”

Think of all the resources that Abraham’s servant used as he sought to complete the task given to him and while there are many that we could mention, I want you to begin thinking of these four “resources” that we must steward:

  • Our Emotional Energy
  • Our Physical Energy
  • Our Time
  • Our Finances

Preached Sunday evening, November 9, 2014. Click here for Pastor Campbell’s sermon notes.

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