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The Biblical Principle of Authority

Read Psalms 147:11-13 In ancient times, if the people of a city wanted to be safe, protected, and “blessed,” they would fortify the city. They would build thick walls, strong barred gates, and heavy defenses against potential enemies. The walls … Continue reading

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Biblical Character: Obedience, Part 2

Unfortunately, as we have watched the news this week, we have seen the results of a society that, as a whole, has sought to shake off the Biblical character trait of obedience and submission to authority. As we have watched … Continue reading

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The Wall Of Protection

Before my wife and I had children, we had a dog. Her name was Chewy and she was a mutt. We lived in a small house in Pooler, GA. Chewy did not like to stay in our yard. I remember … Continue reading

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“Who Gave You This Authority?”

The Sanhedrin, the ruling religious leaders in Jerusalem, sent and asked John, “Who are you?”  (Vs. 19) What they were really asking him was, “Who gave you the authority to baptize people?” “And they asked him, and said unto him, … Continue reading

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