Truths About Temptation

This past week we had the opportunity to visit West Coast Baptist College and participate in their youth conference. We enjoyed beautiful weather while we were out there. Not a cloud in the sky and very moderate temperatures. Each time I would call my wife or get a report from Pastor Bishop, they would tell me about all the rain that Charlotte was receiving. In fact, Pastor Bishop mentioned several times how that we should bring back some of that California sunshine. Now, while most of you would probably agree with that, allow me to point out the fact that California is in the midst of a historic drought. Their governor has recently issued mandatory water restriction to help conserve water. They would have loved it had we brought some NC rain to California! My point? Rain is needed. Rain is necessary if we desire to see things grow. As we look at this passage of Scripture, we might consider this to be a time of rain for Joseph. It wasn’t necessarily pleasant but it was definitely a time of growth and maturity for him.

Message preached on Sunday morning, April 19, 2015. Click here for Pastor Campbell’s sermon notes.

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